ImageI Help CEOs and Visionary Leaders Create Mindful + Empathetic Cultures
I Help CEOs and Visionary Leaders Create Mindful + Empathetic Cultures

A Mindful + Empathetic Culture...

Delivers More Profits

Delivers Profits
The top 10 empathetic companies in the Global Empathy Index increased in value more than 2x and generated 50% more earnings, compared to the bottom 10 in the Index.1

Engages Employees

Engages Employees
90% of employees said that they were more likely to stay with empathetic employers — including a willingness to trade hours and pay in favor of increased empathy.2

Increases Productivity

Increases Productivity
Employees say they work harder when they feel that their organization is making a difference and are more satisfied3 at work by a factor of 2:1.

Mindfulness + Empathy is key at every level of the organization.

What is the greatest cost in business? The people.

After decades consulting with companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 brands, I discovered that a company’s capacity for engaging employees and customers and delivering meaningful profits, is primarily based upon the company’s capacity for Empathy + Mindful Leadership.

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Christie Turley

"Working with Christie has been one of THE BEST business decision I have ever made! She's quick, she's smart, she's bright, she's intuitive. I have been working with Christie for a couple years and I have seen my business explode!"

—Karith Foster, Founder & CEO

Christie Turley

Mindful Empathy Creates Results

I saw first-hand the profound earnings that Empathy can produce when I developed a direct mail campaign for a tech company with over 100 franchisees. This empathetic campaign outperformed other controls with an astounding 30:1 ROAS and attracted record-breaking numbers of new customers, franchisees and employees for years after.  To this day, 10 years later, no one has beat this new control!

When one has eyes to see with Empathy, they recognize these stories, solutions and ideas hiding in plain sight. Imagine every person in your creative/marketing department has empathy. Every salesperson has empathy. Every customer service representative has empathy. Every leader has empathy. What results could your organization achieve?  Learn about the Solutions »


"Working with Christie gave me so much clarity in my business. I left each meeting feeling excited and empowered, not overwhelmed. I highly recommend her!"
—Christine Volden, Founder & CEO


1: Parmer, B. (2015). The most (and least) empathetic companies. Harvard Business Review. accessed 10/30/2019

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3: Cone Communications CSR Study (2017).

The S.H.I.F.T.
to a Mindful + Empathetic Culture
I guide organizations through a process of recognizing their untapped talent and limiting biases, while teaching the skillsets of Empathy + Mindful Leadership, which are the hidden drivers of financial growth, employee performance and customer loyalty. 
When employees feel psychologically safe, they are more likely to foster good relationships with their coworkers and delight your customers.
When employees can find meaning at work, the more likely they are to think creatively about every problem and find effective solutions.
Leaders must be prepared to model advanced Empathy skills for their teams as well as envision and implement the game plan to foster an empathetic culture.

"I would 100% recommend hiring Christie and allowing her to show you how truly life changing her sessions are. Hiring Christie equates to success!"

—Cort Twitty, CEO & Founder

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